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Organization & Board Effectiveness

This is the natural evolution of our work and our superpower:

  • Understand strengths

  • Understand the culture

  • And now deal with the chaos!

It is also a shining example of what happens when leaders come to us. They know that their Board or their organization is not achieving its fullest potential. But they don’t know what that fullest potential could look like--or even where to begin the journey.

Samiracles is effective in this process because we do three things really, really well:

  • We see patterns

  • We bring order to chaos

  • And we build things

The heart of our process is "Bringing Order to Chaos."

In our experience, the majority of organizations--whether they're 501-C, for profit, publicly traded private equity owned, or sole proprietorship... the majority operate in chaos.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t successful, but it does imply that they aren’t at peak performance, either in terms of outcomes or the efficiency, effectiveness, and ease of the way they work together.

We have a proven track record and diagnostic tool (available for download in the resources section) that will help your Board or organization identify and achieve its potential in an effective, efficient and intrinsically rewarding manner.

Our experience includes:

  • Turning around the culture and financials of a 40-employee mental-health provider.

  • Guiding an 85-year-old conservation non-profit from a working Board to a governing Board and high-performing leadership team to achieve its desired vision.

  • Revamping culture, leadership, and processes of a $1B foundation.



Business Coaching

Central to our practice is  business or organizational coaching.

Leaders of professional services firms, entrepreneurs, and/or the heads of nonprofits may not have ever received coaching, training or education on how to run a business, develop an organizational culture and lead people.

Instead, they have developed professionally as physicians, as lawyers, as psychologists, as nonprofit executives: as someone with a great idea who muscled their way through to success....

But at some point, an organization is big enough or at a tipping point where business acumen and people leadership are required to get you to the next level.

Our unique background and experience in running businesses, knowledge of people systems, and process-orientation has contributed to our many successful engagements.

Our model (available in the resource section) is:

  • develop the leader

  • build the team

  • optimize processes

  • and then sustainably make money.

Most Business Coaches focus on growing the topline through marketing and business development and then cutting costs.

We will do that as well, but we add a focus based on our philosophy that "Great people change places": we work on developing the owner/leader’s capability and ensuring a strong team, before developing and implementing financial and marketing strategies. 


With a confident leader at the helm, who has a drama-free, capable team to rely on, sustainable profitability will be right over the horizon.

Our experiences include success with:

  • Over a half a dozen law firms

  • Professional services (consulting) firm

  • Independent restaurants



“Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch” (Fast Company, January 24, 2012) is often quoted and for good reason.  That premise, supported by research from McKinsey Consulting, Bain Consulting, the Boston Consulting Group, the Great Places to Work Institute and our own work experiences should be tough to ignore, yet it generally is.

Culture is what defines and differentiates an organization and is the key to sustainably delivering on a strategic or operational plan.


Samiracles is human centric.  We know that understanding humans is the key to building success. One of the primary differentiators in our approach and success is that we are people first.

We have several diagnostic approaches for:

  • Assessing your current state

  • Defining the “Art of the Possible” for your culture

  • Developing a plan and programs to get from the starting point to the vision

  • Helping you execute and measure the plan.


We can also work with you to develop and communicate organizational values in the context of your mission.

At Samiracles, we comprehend and address the psychological barriers to change; and help your organization plan for, prepare for, and achieve lasting change, whether for a project, organizational restructuring, new leader, or shift in business.

Our experience and results in DE&I are extensive: from performing DE&I assessments & developing strategies, to specific programming like launching Business or Employee Resource Groups (ERG) (see the Resources section for our guide to launching a successful ERG).

We also offer a neuropsychology-based Inclusion and Unconscious Bias workshop (with options ranging from 2- to 8-hours) that:

  • Helps create a common understanding of key concepts

  • Provides compelling awareness of where our natural human biases (shortcuts) come from

  • Provides ideas to build the skills to mitigate or diminish the impact of these biases

  • Motivates attendees to act with intentionality to be a 21st century leader.

Our experiences include:

  • Serving as a fractional Chief Culture Officer for a NASDAQ-listed services company that has achieved stratospheric engagement and inclusion results

  • Teaching ‘Change Management’ to a large team of Agile Consultants

  • Creating and facilitating a community policing program at the police academy for the law enforcement agency in a city of million people for five consecutive years

  • Playing a leadership-role in a 250,000 employee, 2,000-unit hospitality company as they achieved a ranking on Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work list




The most important part of developing a leader is helping people understand what their natural strengths are, what they bring to the endeavor, and how to use these to orchestrate success for the organization.

If you can understand your natural way of thinking, feeling, connecting with others and processing information--and then align how you spend your time  with those activities, and figure out how to manage the things that you're naturally not good at--you'll be an amazing leader.

We were certified as a Gallup Strengths Coach in 2002 and have now taken over 5,000 people through the Gallup CliftonStrengthsFinders Assessment (formerly known as StrengthsFinders).

My executive coaching mentor, Jaimie Jusidman (retired owner/founder of ExecuQuest) taught me that it is difficult to change people, but if you can focus on their environment and surroundings, and help them with their natural style, they will thrive.

This is one of the benefits of leadership assessments like Gallup’s CliftonStrengths.

As stated by famous Chilean author Isabelle Allende,I don’t change people, I help them realize who they are.

We offer Executive Coaching as well as off-the-shelf and customized leadership development programs.

We use a combination of the concepts (without being too technical) of evolutionary biology, social psychology and neuroscience in our 1:1 and team programs.

Leadership Development Series (also available as individual modules):

  1. Know Yourself/Authentic Leadership When one understands the natural way one thinks, feels, processes information and connects with others and is able to apply this to the way you lead, this could change your life and the success of your team.  Using Gallup’s StrengthFinder’s assessment, we will delve into your authentic leadership style and teach you how to apply it everyday.

  2. Know the Team The concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion, why they matter, the science of unconscious bias, barriers to inclusion, multigenerational leadership challenges, and leading diverse teams.

  3. Know Leadership/21st Century Leadership Many institutions (corporate, small business, government, the military) have realized that the old ways of leading are losing their impact and validity.  Successful leadership in the 21st century require an understanding how people’s brain works and the importance of things like empathy, humility, and vulnerability in creating engagement, followership, and building leadership within your teams.

  4. Know Management/Management Tools and Processes How to do effective organizational planning, individual goal setting, employee evaluations and development, coaching and feedback, assessing potential/promotability, and prioritizing your time.

Also available: Leadership Development for Candidates for Public Office, (especially School Boards) and their Teams

Our experience includes:

  • Successful development and delivery of courses such as "21st Century Leadership for Law Enforcement," and "Collaborative Communications for Team Success"

  • Development of sales training and operations leadership training programs

  • Multiple Executive Coaching engagements in a wide-variety of sectors that yielded both personal growth and documented delivery of results


Fractional Executive

For organizations that are either in between their full-time leadership, or are not necessarily large enough to need a full time person in a senior role, fractional executive services can be ideal.


The Samiracles team can fill that vital role on an interim or a part-time basis.


We have served clients as:

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • President

  • Chief People Officer/Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Chief Diversity and Culture Officer, and

  • Executive Director for non-profits.


Expertise when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Some recent success stories:

  • Interim CHRO for P/E owned Infrastructure services company

  • Executive Director (startup) of a Racial Equality Coalition

  • Fractional Chief Culture Officer for a NASDAQ-listed, global data services company


Mergers & Acquisitions

Most M&A fails to achieve its true potential, mainly because of culture, integration, and talent issues. Harvard Business School, The Gallup Organization and other blue-chip researchers have plenty of data to prove this point.


We have the unique blend of skills, knowledge, and experience to change this paradigm for you.

Samiracles can help your organization whether you are

  • merging,

  • acquiring,

  • buying

  • or selling.

We provide expert professional services in terms of:

  • Pre-acquisition Financial Analysis, Talent Assessment

  • Holistic Due Diligence

  • Organizational Mapping

  • Merging cultures

  • Integration planning and execution

  • Managing teams and redundancies

Transitions are times of great opportunity and great challenges; we can provide crucial help for leadership and the entire team.
Recent achievements include:

  • Leading the integration of a $1.5 B acquisition in the hospitality industry

  • Integrating the acquisition of multiple distributors in Latin America for an industrial automation manufacturer

  • Merging and synthesizing 240 branches in the commercial landscaping sector

  • Pre-acquisition culture and talent assessment


Life Coaching

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road can get you there.” 


How much energy--physical, mental and emotional energy--is wasted wondering what you want to do, be, and have? 


Our proven process uses the most practical applications of neuro-psychology to help overcome resistance to change, identify the art of the possible, and implement tangible first steps that will help you determine where you can go in your journey, whether you are 18 or 80 years old.

Getting the best out of life starts with understanding who you are.

We specialize in helping you find your strengths and keep your non-strengths from getting in your way.
 It starts with our deep dive to get to know you--and ends with a roadmap we build together.


A life coach brings expertise and outside perspective to illuminate and help you focus your mind and actions.
This is not just about career success--though that is a tremendous benefit.

This is about understanding your dreams and taking the steps to realize them.

Samiracles Success Stories include:

  • The personal success of our founder

  • Recently incarcerated women at the RESTORE house, a transitional housing program in Jacksonville, Florida

  • Hundreds of individuals who have benefited from our coaching

“I don’t change people, I help them realize who they are.”

Isabelle Allende, Author


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